About The Banshee

Welcome to Confessions of a Banshee: Mostly Tragic Tales of Dating, Living & Working in the Mile High City!

“Sometimes you just have to find the majesty in yourself and other things to truly appreciate life.”― Imania Margria

Months after Denver’s sexiest marijuana mogul broke my heart into shards, I went on a date with a dude who told me that I look and laugh like a banshee. A banshee is a dirty, wild-looking, forest-dwelling, non-verbal creature. A banshee is a death omen that howls at you when your time on Earth is up.  This insult gave birth to inspiration for a blog. I needed an outlet to share my dating disasters with the world.

Fortunately, I do not spend my whole life on mostly terrible dates. This blog also tells tales of living and social working in the Mile High City (Denver).

If these mostly tragic and completely true tales do not make you feel better about your own life, I hope at the very least you can laugh at or share in my pain.

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