To My Faithful Followers

“Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” ― Erica Jong

To My Faithful Followers-

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my first public blog post on “Confessions of a Banshee.” Consequently it also marks the one year anniversary of a very bad date. This date was so tragic that it made my list of top three worst dates ever. This is no small feat; my collective romantic history is the chlamydia-riddled progeny of a comic book, a horror story and a Greek tragedy ménage a trois.

My no good, very bad date was with The Guy Who Wanted to Wear My Skin. He joined ranks with The Guy Who Did Not Believe the Holocaust Happened and The Guy Who Sent Me a Dick Pic from the Restaurant Bathroom.

I started to blog because I knew that I was not the only pretty-fucking-awesome-almost-30-year-old that went on tragic dates with idiots, asshats and douchebags. I knew I was not the only gal that had been disappointed by a super nice guy with a super small penis.

I continue to write because I know my heart is not the only one that has been broken. I continue to write because I am not the only social worker that walks a thin line between passion and burnout. I continue to write because I am not the only person who struggles with depression, anxiety, insecurity, my weight and my self-worth. I write because I am not the only local that cares deeply about Colorado.

Over the past year I wrote about my hair color, my thyroid, my heart and my pacemaker. I wrote about kindergarten and football and scotch. I wrote about my father and my grandfather and my therapist. I wrote about vibrators and takeout and self-compassion. I wrote about forgiveness and socks and empathy. I wrote about soulmates and sexually transmitted disease. I wrote about my dog. I wrote about schizophrenia, the suicide hotline, heroin and homelessness. I wrote about marijuana, sunflower fields, rejection, gratitude and death. I wrote about narcissists and milkshakes and lemons. I wrote about the paleo lifestyle, gluten and birth control. I wrote about white privilege and Yom Kippur. I wrote about friendship. I wrote about traffic. I wrote a short story, an adult bedtime tale and my own obituary.

I even fucking wrote about Billy Joel.

I wrote 99 of these damn blogs and published seven columns.

I wrote, and you, you beautiful and brilliant people, read. Thank you.

Thank you for your time, your energy and your kind words. Thank you for sharing your love, for your support, for your unique perspectives and experiences. Thank you for reading, thank you for rocking. Thank you for showing up for me when my blogs show up in your inbox.

I will continue to write as long as you continue to read because I know my vagina is not the only vagina responsible for accidentally getting its attached body stoned.

Okay, so maybe I am still all alone on that one.

Thank you with love and deep gratitude, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting this brash bionic Banshee blogger.

8 thoughts on “To My Faithful Followers

  1. You go girl- never stop- you are awesome! I’ve was SWer for 37 years! We just know how to keep keeping on….✌️

  2. Yaaaay! So glad the Banshee has made it through a year! Such entertainment, vulnerability, and passion. Love you 💜

  3. SO RELIEVED!!! I thought you were about to shut it down. I’m old enough to be your mama, and far away in Texas, but almost every post resonates with me. Thank you for all the times your words have touched my heart, and please keep writing!

  4. ME TOO! I thought as I read that the next thing would be that his was the last blog, and I would have felt bereft. Old social workers never die, they only fade away, but this retired social worker appreciates and relates to every word you write and I only wish you had been writing this when I was your age. The only problem is that personal computers hadn’t been invented yet then. Still thankful that with each post you bring me vividly back to myself 40-plus years ago as a struggling 60’s hippie social worker. Stay you, Banshee 🙂

  5. No, no thank YOU! Congrats on your committment of writing. The blogs are funny, personable, and heartwarming.

  6. And thank you for blogging about similar situations to mine. I laugh and cry with you. I am a social worker also. have been working in the sordid world of refugees for the past 2 years. I get dick pics every day.

  7. You have made people laugh, people cry, people not feel so alone, and people reflect. You have made this person all of the above, and proud, too!!!

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